Students and companies gaming in Grolsch Veste: 'I'm sweaty, but that's a good sign'

28-11-2022   |   Tubantia (Dylan Althof)


ENSCHEDE - No football players on the field, but virtual matches on Friday in the Grolsch Veste. Gaming festival WIRWAR organized an event in the FC Twente stadium where companies could come into contact with students. And vice versa.

In this second edition, WIRWAR wants to show students which companies are located in the region and where they can therefore benefit. For their internship or work. She did this by inviting gamers from the business community and gaming students to participate. One of those companies is Kennispark Twente. Marieke Stokkelaar of the Kennispark thinks it's great to be present. “WIRWAR offers a good opportunity to bind and retain talent in the region. That is why we are here.”

Much variation

During the festival there are tournaments for various games. So you could play Mario Kart and Rocket League. For gamers who prefer to be active individually, the range varied from FIFA to Switch Sports. In addition, there was a retro game fair with merchandise, consoles and other attributes of games from the past. And a special Virtual Reality room had been built. Student Ozan (26) noticed that things can sometimes get fanatical: “I'm sweaty, but that's a good sign.”

The eSports Ladder

At halftime of the World Cup match between the Netherlands and Ecuador, the eSports ladder was introduced with a score of 1-0: a platform where people can sign up for popular game tournaments and an idea from the University of Twente. The ladder allows companies to play against other companies all year round. The eSports ladder includes Fifa, Blobbey Volley and Super Smash Bros, ahead of the individual players. In groups, CS:GO, League of Legends and Rocket League will be added to the ladder in January. Everything to entice students to work for these companies.

Students and companies gaming in Grolsch Veste: 'I'm sweaty, but that's a good sign'

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