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Businessgaming Twente
Spring 2020


Win the WIRWAR Cup!

In the spring of 2021 from 15.00 till 23.00 there will be a big gaming event in the stadium of FC Twente, Enschede.
Visitors can play and support all kind of games. There are Virtual Reality tournaments, Retro gaming, a big LAN-party, a FIFA tournament, and ofcourse boothbabes 😉. If you just want to support, there’s a bar for drinks and food. Everyone is welcome. See you then!


Visitors ticket

  • Play in the Total Reality VR-Room
  • Fight in the Console arena
  • Cheer on gamers from the lounge or play along yourself!

€ 10,-
excl. VAT

LAN-party ticket

LAN-party ticket

  • Join the LAN party and all tournaments
  • Discover the VR Total Reality room and Console arena
  • Including dinner and 4x consumption for drinks

€ 35,-
excl. VAT

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