Our program


During the second edition of WIRWAR, the best companies come together again to provide you and your colleagues with the coolest games and challenges. Drag all your colleagues and fellow students along to experience a great playday at WIRWAR!

Floor map


  • Mario Kart and FIFA-area
  • LAN-party
  • Dance place
  • Mario Party Superstars Prize Wheel by SubCode
  • Minecraft Knowledge Park
  • Retro Room, gaming and sales!
  • Total Reality VR Room
  • Console League
  • Saxion project Show-off
  • TkkrLab

Freeplay Gaming

In addition to all these cool stands and tournaments, there is also a Freeplay Gaming. You don't necessarily have to participate in tournaments to play! The games range from FIFA to Switch Sports. Let's have fun!


The Retro game fair of Gaming Universe

This retro game fair is a true paradise for all gamers from the very beginning. Many tables with games, consoles, merchandise and much more!

SubCode Prize Wheel!

Challenge your college or competitor with a game of Mario Party Superstars and the winner will win vouchers for the prize wheel! Even if you have won a tournament you have a chance to win great prizes at the SubCode Prize Wheel!

Saxion Project Show-off

Project Show-Off is a project that occurs by the end of the 2nd year. During the project, the students work in teams to apply their knowledge and skills while building an interactive experience for an external client. The best games win a stage @ WIRWAR! The winners of this are:

  • Acient Turtle Studios with their game: Apollo Arena VR
  • Grak Studio with the game: Bound by Bounds and Souls of Steel. Special note: they were targeted to share the information about the war in Ukraine.

E-Sportslab of the University of Twente

In a special eSports lab on the UT campus, efforts are being made to improve the reaction time, insight, stress level and spatial insight of the eSporters. The UT and the Eredivisie are pioneering this in combining eSports and science. Most eSports players receive professional guidance from the premier league clubs in their game tactics, posture and physiology. With the collaboration with the UT, a scientific component is now added in order to improve the performance of eSporters.

Esports Team Twente: Student team

Esports Team Twente aspires to take esports to the highest level using multidisciplinary research at the University of Twente.

World Cup match NL

The World Cup match of the Netherlands against Ecuador would also take place during WIRWAR. An event such as WIRWAR, which takes place in the Grolsch Veste, must of course have the facilities for this. Of course the World Cup match will be broadcast to enjoy this match!

Food trucks

All that gaming is bound to make you hungry. That is why there are various food trucks with the tastiest dishes.

DJ Music

During the day, the best beats are provided by:

15:00-17:00Kimberly Schopman
20:30-22:00Angie Mill
22:00-00:00Charly Smith