WIRWAR is Dutch for the tangle of (network) cables that connect all the computers during the LAN party. We are an annual gaming event for companies and students in Twente. It will be held in the Grolsch Veste in Enschede.
We take the corona prevention measures very seriously. Think of extra hygiene measures and keeping 1,5 meter of distance between persons at the event. If it is not recommended to hold events, we will move WIRWAR to a better time. You will receive your ticket amount back or you can choose to save the ticket for a new date.
All employees of companies in Twente can register. So you represent your company while gaming! Students from Twente are also welcome.
Yes alcohol is served. But only to visitors aged 18 or older.
If you have a ticket to the LAN-party, you even have to! It will be a "BYOC" (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN party, so you need to bring your own equipment.
An empty table with a chair, port on the network equipment and an electricity connection.
A seating system is used to allocate seats. You can choose your own place.
Yes, in the different halls. Tournaments will be organized for various games. At least five will be hosted at the LAN party and we will go big on console gaming and VR gaming! We have an overview of all tournaments. And of course there will also very good prizes for the winners!