Sept 2021: New gaming festival in Enschede: 'There is too little to do here for IT professionals' (TC Tubantia)

03-09-2021   |   TC Tubantia

ENSCHEDE - Business tennis, but with games: that's how Jasper Ipskamp describes his new event. With WIRWAR: Gaming Festival Twente, he wants to give IT professionals some entertainment and show that they don't have to go to the Randstad for a nice job.

What can we expect?

“We are organizing a one-day LAN party for companies and students together with various partners. For example, FC Twente holds various FIFA tournaments, Total Reality a VR tournament and the University of Twente sponsors Mario Kart 8 matches. 150 people can participate in the games. Around it there is a festival with all kinds of activities, such as a fair where old games can be bought. We can accommodate 700 visitors at this festival.”

So don't start slow.

"Haha no! We will immediately unpack during the first edition on 15 October in De Grolsch Veste. We have a large space, so we are going to use that as well.”

What made you so eager to organize a gaming festival?

“There is little to do for IT professionals in Enschede. You notice that activities such as parties appeal to them less. This way we can bring them together. In addition, it is a way to introduce students to fun companies where they can work after their studies. Now they often go west after graduating.”

How come, do you think?

“Firstly, because they believe that there is more to experience there. In addition, companies here often lack a bit of visibility, which means that new talent cannot find them. They are often more modest than companies in the Randstad. If job seekers don't do their own research, they won't see that Enschede has very innovative organizations where they can get started. With WIRWAR: Gaming Festival Twente we hope to show IT professionals that moving is not necessary. They can also make a career here.”

What are you most looking forward to?

“To the fun! You are sitting behind a computer, but you still have a lot of contact with each other. That is much more fun than playing online.”

Sept 2021: New gaming festival in Enschede: 'There is too little to do here for IT professionals' (TC Tubantia)

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