eSports Ladder links gamers to Twente's business community, launched at festival in Grolsch Veste

24-11-2022   |   Tubantia (Teun Staal)

ENSCHEDE - The Grolsch Veste is a jumble of 500 gamers on Friday afternoon until midnight during the gaming festival of the same name. The eSports Ladder will also be launched at WIRWAR: a community and competition for talented gamers who are connected to the Twente business community.

What is the eSports Ladder?

The eSports Ladder was developed at the University of Twente under the supervision of researcher and assistant professor Guido Bruinsma. The idea is that gamers are connected through a community through gaming as a common interest. Those gamers can be students, but also employees of Twente companies. Through the creation of a community of gamers, contact between young professionals and companies is established. The ambition is to retain talent for the region in this way.

How does the eSports Ladder work?

An algorithm connects gamers on the platform. Gamers from business or students can challenge each other, even company and regional competitions are possible. Or game competitions between international partner cities or science parks. Based on a gamer's performance, his or her place on the ladder and therefore in the ranking changes.

How do gamers get into the business world?

Guido Bruinsma: „During gaming, people naturally talk about what is on someone's mind. We have spent a long time researching how to set up a community. It is actually a kind of networking drink where gamers also get an idea of ​​the other person's education and work experience.”

But how does a connection between a gamer and a potential employer arise?

The eSports Ladder is supported by Kennispark Twente, the municipality of Enschede and the Twente Board, the partnership between entrepreneurs, educational institutions and the government in Twente. The idea is that an initiative such as the eSports Ladder can make it clear to gaming students and others what career opportunities there are for companies and institutions in this region.

What games can be played within the eSports Ladder?

Individually, those are Super Smash Bros., FIFA, and Blobby Volley. In groups, Rocket League, CS:GO and League of Legends will be added from January.

WIRWAR - The Twente Gaming Festival, Friday November 25 in the Grolsch Veste, 3-12 a.m., see


eSports Ladder links gamers to Twente's business community, launched at festival in Grolsch Veste

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