COVID-19 update


WIRWAR is being moved to 2021

23 September 2020

Dear gamers,

Due to the continuing risk of corona contamination, we have decided to postpone WIRWAR to 2021. Today the news reported more virusinfections, this trend is expected to continue in the coming days / weeks. Despite the fact that we follow all corona measures and protocols, we cannot keep WIRWAR accountable on the current date. We cannot and do not want to take any risks with the health of our visitors.

Event on a different date due to corona
We are investigating alternatives, but we will only make this decision after the risk of spreading the virus has passed. We are currently looking at the first quarter of 2021.

Ticket remains valid
The ticket of participants will be converted into a ticket for the next edition in 2021. We look forward to welcome you! For those who require a refund, it is possible to contact us through our website.

We hope you all remain excited to help with our next edition, which is sure to come!